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Cat Adoption - Things You Should Consider With Cat Adoption

If you love cats, and are thinking of getting one here are a few suggestions on things you should consider with cat adoption.

Deciding to bring a cat or a kitten into a home should not be made impulsively, and not as a gift to someone who was not expecting it or had asked for a pet. Cats are very independent creatures, more so than dogs, but they still depend on us for food, shelter, love, and medical care if it becomes necessary. All felines should be wanted, which is why they shouldn't be adopted unless you know you can care for it, and can afford any vet care that may be needed, besides of course the necessities he or she will need.

You may wish to select your cat from a shelter, a pet store, or from another home. The biggest advantage of getting your cat from the current owner is they can tell you about the cat's temperment and behavior. This can be particularly useful if you have other pets in the home, or children. Some cats love children and others do not.

Animal shelters and pet stores should assure you are getting a cat free from health problems, since they are seen by a vet before adoption. Kittens should have had their first vaccinations. A shelter will often provide discounts if the cat needs to be sterilized at a later date.

If you want to have more than one cat, it's best to have a male and female, although of course you want to be sure they are sterilized. Cats of the opposite sex usually get along better.

Cats are independent and don't mind their own company, they don't need as much attention as a dog. However, they still need human companionship, and may get lonely if you are gone for long periods. So you may want two cats so they have company.

When you have found the perfect cat for you, he or she will need time to adjust to its new environment. It will be quite normal for the cat to hide under a bed or somewhere else for a few days. Don't try and force the cat to socialize or be with others, as long as food and water and a litter box are not far away it is best to let the cat become comfortable in its new home. If you have other pets, you will almost certainly have to keep them separated for awhile, and gradually introduce them to each other.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cat Care - Reasons to Keep Your Cat in Good Condition!

After having a cat as a pet the most important thing you have to take proper care of is its care. Mostly, people are found ignorant in the matter of caring their cats and this ignorance and carelessness sometimes results in severe cat health conditions. Moreover, if you do not take proper care of your pet this will also result in its bad behavior towards others.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles that a cat is a unique and exclusive animal and you can only enjoy its good behavior and affection towards you when the health of your cat is good. Owning a cat is not the issue, you must have to buy her good furniture to take rest and eat food as well as proper diet. Good food is quite necessary for the health of your cat because it keeps her active and away from different diseases that can ruin her immune system.

On the other hand, just providing good food is not a good solution for your cat's health and care. You must try to educate her by teaching different skills like eating in her own bowl, how to use potty, not to fight with other cats etc. Believe, if you get succeed in teaching your cat such type of manners this means that you are taking good care of your cat like it is the part of your family.

Always remember that happier the happier will you be with her because after getting care your pet will show its gratitude and affection towards you. Experts suggest that if you intend to proper cat care, your pet will automatically overcome the health, behavior and weight loss issues. So, always try to consider this small pet your own family member instead of treating it like an animal.

In the end, if you are willing to provide proper cat care to your pet then do follow the links given below.

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What's The Purpose Of That "Pad" Midway Up The Rear Of A Cat's Leg?

It looks pretty useless sitting way up there on the back of the leg like that. But it does have a purpose. It's called the carpal pad, and it acts as an anti-skid insurance policy for crash landings (which, of course, are rare) or to keep your energetic kitty from hitting a wall as she speeds around the house.

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Why Do Cats Flick Their Ears When They're Asleep?

A cat's remarkable ears each have 30 muscles that control the outer ear (by comparsion, our ears only have six muscles). These muscles rotate 180 degrees, so it can hear without moving its head. Even though a snoozing kitty appears to sleep quite often, most of the time it's only dozing and constantly searching the air for messages that might mean it needs to spring into action at the spur of the moment.

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Can Cats Really See In The Dark?

They can't see in total darkness and their daytime vision is only fair. But they can see better than most humans in semi-darkness. They also can distinguish brightness seven times better than we can. As nocturnal hunters, their eyes are able to scoop up even the smallest scrap of available light. Their vision generally is blurred at the edges and they see best at six to twenty feet. When it comes to movement, though, a cat doesn't miss a twitch. By the way, feeding dog food to your cat is a no-no. Dog food lacks taurine, a substance crucial for your cat's eyesight. A diet without it will make your cat go blind.

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Why Do Cats' Eyes Glow In The Dark?

Cat's glow-in-the-dark eyes seem eerie, mystical, even scary when they pop out at you from the black of night, especially since your cat is one of only a few animals that can return a human's stare. There is a simple explanation for that characteristic green or gold shine. A membrane, called tapetum lucidum, coats the eye and reflects light. When a cat is in the dark, its pupils open wide and light is reflected off them, but they're not actually "glowing." This ability along with their extraordinary sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, enables them to see well in the dark.

Do Cats See Color?

It once was believed cats were color-blind, but now we know they actually can tell the difference between certain colors. Basically, they see the world around them as shades of blue and green. But though they see color, cats don't pay much attention to it. In nature, color isn't particularly necessary to a cat's survival success.

How to Treat Ringworm in Cats

One day, there was a kitten that came to my door. I'm a pet lover, so when I saw that it was pretty malnourished I took care of it. I took the little kitten to my veterinarian for a check up. They didn't know that the problem was with my cat, so I had to go back again because the kitten had not gotten any better. They gave it a cold medication, and my kitten seemed to be on its way for recovery. After a while, I noticed that a shape of ring with rash started to show on my skin. When your cat shows symptoms like these, it may be a victim of ringworms.

After few more trips to the vet, they are now fully convinced that my kitten had ringworm, and it warranted immediate action. The symptoms however, were not very obvious for them then, but during the recent visits, it became very clear to them.

Ringworm is a very contagious fungal infection. It spreads really quickly, and it can be passed to another animal. It can even be passed from an animal to a person, and it can even be contracted by touching infected soil or objects. Ringworms in cats can be seen as small to big round lesions that have few hairs. This commonly occurs at the body of the cat, but it can also spread to some parts like the ears, head and tail.

In some cases, the fungus infection is not circle shaped. In other instances, the effects of this infection may appear like a natural autoimmune disease that occurs with young animals. My kitten, it really looked like an autoimmune disease because the only hair loss that occurred was in the area in front of the ears. This is also one of the signs of a malnourished cat.

When you suspect that your cat is a carrier of ringworm in cats, you should be very careful. With my kitten, the infection went undetected until I noticed that another kitten was showing similar symptoms. Even I and my dog were infected with the ringworm fungi. When this happens to your pet, the best action that you should take is to visit your veterinarian for the proper medication of the infection.

There are many treatments that are available for your cats. When the infection is local, you could use an antifungal cream on them. When the ringworm has spread to different parts of the cat's body, you could use an oral treatment. Antifungal shampoos are also effective in removing the ringworm fungi from your cat's body.

If the cat shows symptoms of ringworm, you should take steps to make sure that the infection would not spread further. You can do this by washing the bedding that your cat sleeps in every day to get rid of the fungi that might have stuck on the matting.

When your pet has ringworm, you should repeat this process every day. You should keep doing this even though the symptoms have gone away. You should have your cat undergo two lab tests, and if the results show negative, your cat is now completely cured from ringworm.

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What you should know about selecting a cat

Pets are an important part of the American household. Your pet-owning experience will be most enjoyable if you carefully consider which pet best suits your family, home, and lifestyle. The primary reason pets are given up to animal shelters is unfulfilled expectations, so make an informed decision. Take time, involve your family, and give careful consideration to the following questions before selecting a cat.
  1. What's special about cats?
  2. What choices do you have in cats?
  3. What are the special needs of cats?
  4. Who will care for your cat?
  5. Does a cat fit into your lifestyle?
  6. Should you get a kitten, or an adult cat?
  7. Can you afford a cat?
  8. Where can you get a cat?
  9. What should you look for in a healthy cat?
  10. What must you do to prepare for your cat
When you acquire a pet, you are making a promise to accept responsibility for the health and welfare of another living creature for its lifetime. You also agree to be responsible for your pet's impact on your family, friends, and community. Choose your pet wisely, keep your promise, and enjoy one of life's most rewarding experiences!

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What's special about cats?

Cats make wonderful companions. Their entertaining antics and affectionate behaviors have endeared these animals to millions of owners for thousands of years. Easily house-trained and relatively low maintenance, cats make good indoor pets and most will readily adapt to a variety of environments.
  1. What choices do you have in cats?
  2. What are the special needs of cats?
  3. Who will care for your cat?
  4. Does a cat fit into your lifestyle?
  5. Should you get a kitten, or an adult cat?
  6. Can you afford a cat?
  7. Where can you get a cat?
  8. What should you look for in a healthy cat?
  9. What must you do to prepare for your cat
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